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Practical Piano Pieces 1


Here we have some practical notes on the C major scale to perform on the piano. By reading all the previous blog posts on Book Piano Lessons website, you can perform these pieces reasonably. Follow the notes and hand position.

Track 1 - Right-Hand notes (4/4)


The arc shape signs at some parts of these tracks indicate the Legato; playing the notes smoothly and connected. Note if the two occurring legato notes are the same we only press the keys once and hold them for the total amount of values for those notes.


Track 2 - Left-hand notes (4/4)


Note: if the notes appear vertically in the bar, we should play them at the same time. Normally they form a chord when we have three vertical notes appear together like the C major chord in these tracks.


Track 3 - Right-hand notes (3/4)

Track 4 - Left-hand notes (3/4)


Remember we can not fit a semibreve note in a 3/4 track as a wholenote counts as 4 beats and it exceeds the measures.

Challenge: try to perform these tracks, using a metronome at various tempos ( 60 bpm, 80 bpm and 100 bpm).

Write in the comments below, how did you find the difficulty of the first practical pieces?

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