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Book Piano Lessons is a private piano institution that was started in 2020 by Mohamad Naser NB, founder and teacher. Naser has been teaching the piano professionally since 2017 starting at First Tutors as a private agent. He started to learn how to play the piano when he was 8. Besides studying formal subjects in school, Naser was taking piano lessons privately. Soon after, he got to perform in some traditional events at middle school. Later on, in high school, he formed a band with his classmates. 

In 2014 he moved to Birmingham, UK. Eventually, he started to write English lyrics and make original music. Recently, he's working on his music projects to craft, produce, and release his debut EP. His talent in music in addition to his passion for education let him teach students of different groups ages.  


'Music is my passion and it's irresistible' Naser.


✜ BA Creative Music Artist / ACM Birmingham
✜ MA Industries Futures Industries / Starting in Sep 2020 / ACM Birmingham


 'I’m very grateful to have the opportunity as a successful Piano teacher and a creative musician, to be in this place today, dedicating every day of my life to music' Naser.

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