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Piano; One easy Instrument to learn the music

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Have you ever noticed why most musicians know the basics of playing the piano keys?

Besides the piano being an elegant instrument, it's a very useful instrument in the music world. There are a few reasons why knowing the instrument is one of the best ways to understand music theory.

The Beauty, Sound and Structure

When you start to learn the music theory you would notice how the rules and formulas of the music theory have been simply laid out on the instrument. The way the patterns are visually visible to the musician allows you to understand the music theory better and initially have your approach toward your progression. And literary any genre in music!

As a personal opinion, I believe the piano is an elegant, beautiful and luxurious instrument. The sound of the grand piano is solid, specific and mostly friendly unless you want to play some aggressive or mysterious tunes.

The simplicity of the keys makes the piano the best instrument to understand music theory. All the white keys on the piano represent the natural notes and all the black keys indicate the accidentals. To explain it briefly; Accidentals are a group of sharps and flats which detune a natural note half step lower or higher.

More Facts?

Another fact regarding the simplicity of the keys is the groups of twelve. Generally, every octave in the music theory includes twelve notes. seven notes are the natural notes, (white keys) and the other five notes are the accidentals (black keys). Accidentals are a group of two and three black keys which are easily spotted anywhere on the piano keys.

There are some other instruments that playing might be not as difficult as piano, Especially for some specific tunes. But comparing any of those instruments to the piano will let the keys win overly. Of the option, the piano gives the musician is that you can play ten different notes at a time if you need to!

the first reason to start learning the piano should be the passion for the instrument. how easy is to learn and play the instrument might be the next factor to consider. Also, not everyone can afford to purchase a grand piano and fit it in their house. but the electric piano comes in different sizes and prices which can be very affordable for anyone with small savings.

Many music artists choose the keys as their first instrument. All music producers need to know how to make chord progressions or how to play some keys to create sound and music. This is because connecting a Midi keyboard to a computer will allow you to play and record any desirable sound on the system for music creation purposes.

In this series, we will explain more about the structure of the piano and why it makes it the number of instruments for music passionate to start their musical journey. If you want to get to know about the piano lessons at Book Piano Lesson you can book a free introduction and have a chat with us. Click here to book your seat.

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